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Use our free valuation tool to discover how much your car is worth today with See how much you could get selling your car in a private sale, a part exchange or to established online buyers through our Motorway partnership. Using our expert valuations you can sell your car with confidence at

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To get your free valuation, you'll need to enter your postcode, the vehicle registration number (VRN) of the car you want valued and its mileage. Why, you ask?

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We take the valuation of your car seriously. To provide you with an up-to-date market ready estimate, we use a highly trained team of specialist researchers. Working with industry experts, we regularly analyse data from our extensive preowned car listings and prices shared by major dealerships, as well as information from leading car auctions.

We use all this data to calculate the value of your vehicle. We compare the current market price of your make and model and account for depreciation and mileage, to create a realistic estimate of your car's worth.

Using our expert valuation tool, find out what you could realistically get for your car in advance and sell with confidence. With, you can part exchange, sell online to well-known buyers or use our private listings to sell your car yourself. You can list your car for free for four weeks and re-list your vehicle for free too!

Car buyers can use our valuation tool to get a handy guide price as well, giving you an idea of how much you should pay for a vehicle. You could also save money by using our valuation to negotiate a better deal.

How to get the most money for your car

Our online valuation tool can provide an estimate of your car's worth on the spot. When you are looking to sell your car, its value can be affected by other factors. Below are a few tips to help you get the best car valuation:

There are other factors that may be out of your control that can affect the value of your car. The value of your car may increase with:
Remember, knowing what affects the value of your vehicle can help you in negotiations. The value of your car may decrease with:

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